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ѕуηтнєѕιѕ 3.0 ✰ Free PC & Quest Avatar by Vyrai

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 💬  Features

Physbones in Butt, Boobs, Tail, Ears, Hair

Thickness Body Slider, Skinny to Chubby and In Between

Boob Slider, Small to Large and In Between

Tech Glasses

Butterfly Follower

Glitch Heart Eye

Contacts on Head, Nose, Both Eyes

and More!

Quest does NOT have physbones in the ears or boobs. Quest does NOT have the flipbook on the glasses or in the eye.

✉️ Toggles


Cat > Bunny > Mecha

Hair Swap ( Quest Has 1 Compatible Hair )

Butterfly Follower

Skin Shift ( Quest Has 6 Inclusive Material Swaps )

Quest does NOT have the garters, choker, bunny tail, or butterfly follower. 

🎧 Credits

Head - Sugs#9795, heavily edited by me NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Body - Sugs#9795, edit by Vix#0606 NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Skin Texture - Sugs#9795, NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Tattoos - Uni#1369

Hairs - Saikura#0006 and Sugs#9795

Shoes - Sugs#9795, edited by me NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Eye Texture - kri#1214

Cat Species - cockwee#5331

Bunny Species - Fooly#2329, 𝘣𝘶𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘶#4924

Glasses - frog#3079

Garters - Vyrai#9696

Choker ( Harnessed From The Bracelet ) - Vyrai#9696

Bodysuit, Harness - vyrai.#9696

Mecha Tail - Vyrai.#9696

 Not Yet Released ( Butterfly, Facial Decal ) - Vyrai#9696

All Unity Work, Photos, Gifs - LE#4664 ily ur so aoijDCNBAIZSXFJNV

Toggle Showcase - QTlottie#9956

Quest Conversion - b o o#8584 THE LAST SLIDE IS THE QUEST VERSION!


ily all

📜 TOS/Rules

Synthesis may NOT be public in any shape or form unless myself, the creator VYRAI, makes them public. This includes uploading the model publicly, distributing it to others, and being placed in avatar worlds. Any edits from this model may not be made public nor distributed

 Sharing or redistributing the model and its assets is prohibited. This includes redistribution, leaking, trading, and reselling. Distribution of my model and assets outside of my sellfy is not permitted.

Reselling the model or its parts is not allowed. 

You may not claim this model as your own/and or made by you. This includes even after adding assets, removing, heavily editing, retexturing, and so on.

You may NOT use this model for any type of commercial usage, such as vtubing, game porting and so on, without my direct permission.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in revoked usage licensing and possible legal action.


Customer Reviews

Lillian N.

Verified Buyer

8 months ago

Very pretty but Quest needs work

The avatar is really cute, it includes upload instructions but to upload the Quest version you either need to compress some textures or remove 1-2 accessories. This is due to recent updates.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago


She is so cute! I always have trouble uploading avatars, so if others have trouble find some who knows hoe to to help if you run into any roadblocks, but I definitely do recommend, I absolutely love her!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Super cute avi for free. Love it

The avi itself is super cute and I like the animal toggles. Upload was super simple and easy to follow. Looks great on quest. Only issue I have would be more customization like colour toggles etc. Other than that great model!!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

So cute

The avatar is so pretty

James S.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago


Very nice avatar, exceeded expectations.