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Pr0xi 3.0 ઇଓ PC Only Avatar by Vyrai

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Pr0xi ઇଓ

 💬  Features

Physbones in Butt, Boobs, Thighs, Tail, Ears, Hair

Different Bang Options

Two Contacts, Head and Nose

Idle Ear Flicking

and More!

✉️ Toggles





Hair Swap Between 4 Hairstyles


Metal Swap With 4 Different Metals

Skin Shift

🎧 Credits

Head & Body - nikkie#0088 heavily edited by me NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Hairs - Saikura#0006 sleepy#0707

Pigtails - luvr#4515

Eyes - kri#1214

Shoes - Vinuzhka edited by me, NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Lashes - Nessy!#7402 edited by me, NOT FOR REUSE AT ALL

Back Tattoo - Private Com

Warmers - bunisu#4924

Tie - mercurydied

Vest - syn#5547

Bikini - Hayweee#1999

Hair Textures - Cicieaaa#7777

GogoLoco - franada, Marker - VRLabs

Skirt, Shorts, Cat Set, Fishnets, Socks, Piercings, Hair Pins, Blindfold, Glove Warmers, Belly Decal, - vyrai.#9696 nothing is allowed for reuse unless it is sold!

Unity Work - Min22en#1888

Toggle/Dance Showcase - QTlottie#9956

Photos & Gifs - QTlottie#9956


ily all

📜 TOS/Rules

Vyrai's models may NOT be public in any shape or form unless myself, the creator VYRAI, makes them public. This includes uploading the model publicly, distributing it to others, and being placed in avatar worlds. Any edits from this model may not be made public nor distributed

 Sharing or redistributing the model and its assets is prohibited. This includes redistribution, leaking, trading, and reselling. Distribution of my model and assets outside of my sellfy is not permitted.

Reselling the model or its parts is not allowed. 

You may not upload for anyone else but yourself, unless both parties have personal rights to the package. This means that you and the other person must have purchased the model separately.

You may not price split or trade my models. You and another person may not go half on a model, put money together to buy a model and share, etc.

If you decide to edit a model yourself, all technical support for that model may be void. I am not responsible for any issues after the model has been changed in any way by another party.

If you are buying my model as a gift for someone, you must put their email at checkout. You may not put your email at checkout and give them the model afterwards. That may be considered price splitting, which is against my TOS. If you, by chance, receive the product after gifting, you do not have a license for use. You must buy it for yourself.

You may not heavy edit my model. Heavy editing means you may not head swap, body swap, or change the overall theme of the avatar. I am okay with everything else.

You may not claim this model as your own/and or made by you. This includes even after adding assets, removing, heavily editing, retexturing, and so on.

You may not buy this product and ask for a refund. All digital sales are finalized. If you chargeback, you will be blacklisted by myself, other creators, and any licensing you own for my products are null and void.

You may NOT use this model for any type of commercial usage, such as vtubing, game porting and so on, without my direct permission.

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in revoked usage licensing and possible legal action.


Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

My favorite avi

Proxi is by far my favorite avi out of all 30ish I’ve bought. There’s no clipping even with fbt which is impressive and overall the style is very cute and exactly what I was looking for in an alt avi. much love for this creator I highly recommend their products :3